Jamy is featured as an expert commentator on deception in the documentary, "Merchants of Doubt," directed by Oscar-nominated Robert Kenner. This clip is taken from the opening minutes of the film. [Click on the close link to view.]

A selection of national television appearances featuring Jamy Ian Swiss, including on PBS "Art of Magic" and Penn & Teller's "Sin City Spectacular" on FX, along with Henry Winkler.

If there were such a thing as psychic powers, it would have to look like this. See for yourself how five ordinary senses can convince you that somehow, someway – there must be a sixth.

Jamy Ian Swiss in his first appearance on Craig Ferguson.

Harley Newman straitjacket escape, with Jamy Ian Swiss and Katie Couric.

Jamy Ian Swiss, Todd Robbins, and the Monday Night Magic team return to The Today Show in 2002, making magic with the help of Al Roker and Ann Curry. Matt Lauer and Katie Curic also join in.

Penn Jillette's radio talk show on FreeFM is no more, but here you can listen to Jamy, along with friend and fellow skeptical colleague and performer, Banachek, talk about skepticism, mentalism, and more.

Listen to Jamy's second interview on Point of Inquiry, in which he discusses his skeptical beginnings, and argues that (in the words of Adam Gopnik in The New Yorker) magic done well is an "entertaining form of skepticism, rather than a debased form of mysticism."

Psychic Powers
– Magic & Critical Thinking
Don’t Bet On It!
– Poker & Gambling Exposé
Secrets of Street Scams & Con Games


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