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A longtime student of both the psychology of deception and the history and science of the paranormal, in this remarkable lecture/demonstration Swiss defines the four kinds of paranormal events — telepathy, precognition, clairvoyance and psychokinesis — declares them to be non-existent, and then proceeds to demonstrate all of them and more, thereby proving that even the most intelligent and wary of audiences can be fooled by a determined charlatan. A stunning, informative and entertaining lesson in critical thinking for corporate audiences, as well as a well-received favorite of scientific and academic audiences.

Anyone who enjoys card games and gambling will be fascinated by this authentic demonstration and expose of card cheating techniques presented by a master of the card table. Everything you've heard about — Stacking the Deck, Second Dealing, Bottom Dealing — and plenty you've never heard of before, all demonstrated in a captivating and fast-paced presentation right before your eyes. Jamy Ian Swiss has baffled the best of the experts at international gaming firms, gaming expositions, and casino authorities — and you too will be astonished when you witness this up-close demonstration of forbidden sleights and top secret gambling skills.


A lecture and demonstration about the notorious "short con" known as Three Card Monte, along with related scams such as the Shell Game. The con man has used these games for centuries, but they are still effective today in scamming victims out of their money. Why do they work? Well, sleight of hand is only a small part of the secret – the real secrets have to do with psychology and a carefully constructed, almost theatrical production, with many players, most of whose roles are invisible to the victim. Jamy has appeared on countless television shows to discuss these ancient yet still contemporary con games, including CBS 48 Hours; he has appeared on behalf of the Times Square Business Investment District as part of their effort to clear the games out of Times Square; and he has lectured for police organizations (such as Professionals Against Confidence Crime) as well as those (like the elderly) who wish to arm themselves with information as protection against becoming victims. An informative as well as entertaining presentation!


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