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Feature Stories
  • Cover Issue: September, 1987
  • Shattering Illusions essays, June 1993 through May 1994
  • Cover Issue: May, 1994
  • Hiawatha
  • I Hate Todd Robbins
  • Penn & Teller Interview (Genii, vol 58, no 7, May 1995)
  • Teller Interview (2 parts)
  • Al Flosso, the Coney Island Fakir
  • Peter Samelson Issue (Scotty York's Escape From Bulgaria)
  • Paul Provenza Interview (October, 1995)
  • Tommy Wonder (June, 1996)
  • Lance Burton Interview (August, 1996)

"Light from the Lamp" - book reviews

Pub date Work reviewed Author
June Paul Gertner’s Steel & Silver Richard Kaufman
July Strong Magic Darwin Ortiz
Great Balloons [reviewed by Todd Robbins] Jean Merlin
August Lights! Cameras! Magic! Dick & Virginia Williams
In the Mind's Eye (Minnesota Mind Psi Collection)
The Card on the Seat & other loads in your pants Chuck Fayne
Finger Fitness, the art of finger control Irwin
September Workers 4 Mike Close
Words About Wizards Robert Parish
Tarbell Companion Tarbell/Burton
Performing in Japan Brad Zupp
Rediscoveries Eugene Burger
October Collected Works of Alex Elmsley, Vol 2 Stephen Minch
Close-Up Magic of Aldo Colombini Aldo Colombini
Las Vegas Kardma Alan Ackerman
November Ted Lesley's Paramiracles Ted Lesley
Gene Maze and the Art of Bottom Dealing Stephen Hobbs
Imp Romp 2; Shampagne Lewis Jones
Magic Around the World Lewis Ragsdale
Mario Carrandi Antiquarian Magic Catalog #39
December Dai Vernon Book of Magic [reprint] Lewis Ganson
Beat 'Em, Cheat 'Em, Leave 'Em Bleeding Bob Farmer
Cheating at Blackjack "Dustin D. Marks"
January Roger's Thesaurus Roger Crosthwaite & Justin Higham
Collector's Scrapbook Gary R. Frank
Meir Yedid's Magic Wishes Stephen Hobbs
Secrets of Stage Conjuring Jean Eugene Robert-Houdin
February Life and Many Deaths of Harry Houdini Ruth Brandon
March Magic and Methods of Ross Bertram [reprint] Ross Bertram
Fred Kaps' Currency Fred Kaps/Anthony Brahms
Fred Kaps' Purse Fred Kaps/Anthony Brahms
Magic Menu, Year Four Jim Sisti
Thinking Big: Magic With Jumbo Coins Mark Munro
Presto Prestige Morris Young
April Card College Vol. 1 Roberto Giobbi
Hugard's Magic Monthly, I,II,III,IV [reprint] (Magico)
Recycling the Magic Way Michael Rappa
May [no column]  
June Magic and Meaning Eugene Burger and Robert Neale
July Great Tricks Revisited Robert Parish
Much Ado About Something Karrel Fox
Sleightly Tricky John Shryock
August Magical Heroes: The Lives and Legends of Great African-American Magicians Jim Magus
Encyclopedia of Claims, Frauds, and Hoaxes of the Occult and Supernatural James Randi
Stage Flying: 431 BC to Modern Times James MicKinven
Milbourne Christopher Library Maureen Christopher & George Hansen
A Candid View of the Maskelynes Anne Davenport/John Salisse
The Rat Trap and other snappy tricks you can do with your little deck Chuck Fayne
September What If (Chuck Smith Lecture Notes) Chuck Smith
The Lost Cheesy Notebooks, Vols. 1 & 2 Chad Long
Can You Do It For Drunk People? Doc Dixon
Take Two Cards and Call Me In The Morning Doc Dixon
Simon Lovell Presents his Post Accident Lecture Book! Simon Lovell
Spirits on the Stage, and More Guarded Secrets Revealed Bob Blau
The Great Eyeless Vision Act Marko
Practical Parlor Prestidigitation Marko
October Tarbell Study Guide Tarbell/Burton
What's Up Deck? Aldo Colombini
M.I.N.T. Vol. 2 (Marlo in New Tops) Edward Marlo
Ken Brooke's Magic Place Anthony Brahams
Success! Interviews with Performers about Fame, Fortune and Happiness Brad Zupp
Sleight of Mouth Harry Allen
November Hugard's Magic Monthly, Vols. V,VI,VII (Magico)
Dai Vernon's Ultimate Secrets of Card Magic [reprint] Lewis Ganson
Magic Menu, The First Five Years Jim Sisti
Magic of Matt Schulien [reprint] Phil Willmarth
December Cardshark Darwin Ortiz
The Equivoque Choice Jack Dean
The Ultimate Bill Switch Kevin King
January The Magic of America Dr. Robert Albo
Carter the Great Mike Caveney
February Discoverie of Witchcraft Reginald Scot [Kaufman reprint]
Simply Simon Simon Aronson
March modern art Jim Steinmeyer
After Craft J.K. Hartman
(Cheating at Blackjack) Squared - The Dark Side of Gambling "Dustin D. Marks"
Pocket Power Jarle Leirpoll
April Card College, Vol 2, Roberto Giobbi
Torn and Restored John Carney
Elastrix: The Encyclopedia of Rubber-band Magic Volume 2 Stephen Minch
The Rubber-Band Magic of Joe Rindfleisch
May [no column]  
June Books of Wonder Tommy Wonder & Stephen Minch
July Seance Scott Moore-Davis
Lou Gallo, The Underground Man Richard Kaufman
Michael Gallo's Siamese Coins Stephen Hobbs
August Hugard's Magic Monthly, Vol's. VIII, IX & X (Magico)
Bertram on Sleight of Hand (Ross Bertram) Ross Bertram
The Warpsmith Returns Tom Stone
Why Not? Chuck Smith
Magic Yellow Pages Wittus Witt
September [no column]  
October Workers #5 Michael Close
The Expositor William Frederick Pinchbeck
Tullock Eddie Tullock with Gene Urban & Kenton Knepper
Magie Duvivier Jon Racherbaumer
Stanyon's Magic Ellis Stanyon
November Tullock; The Real Truth About Trade Show Magic and a Lot More! Tullock et al
Card Stories Ariel Freilich
The Art of Close-up Magic, Volumes 1 & 2 Lewis Ganson
The Baby Bag Algonquin McDuff (Rhett Bryson & Dexter Cleveland)
Using Magic to Prevent Drug Abuse Stan Davis
Darwin's Inexpensive Illusions Gary Darwin
Miracle Material, the Magic of Michael Kaminskas Michael Kaminskas
The Magic of Micah Lasher Micah Lasher
How To Be A Fake Kreskin Amazing Kreskin
December Houdini!! Ken Silverman
Notes to Houdini Ken Silverman
The Great Raymond William Rauscher
Dai Vernon's Inner Card Trilogy [reprint] Lewis Ganson
Classic Sampler Michael Skinner
January Miracles With Cards James Swain
The Art of Astonishment Paul Harris
The Feints and Temps of Harry Riser Ed Brown
The Restaurant Worker's Handbook Jim Pace & Jerry MacGregor
February Hugard's Magic Monthly, Vol's XI, XII & XIII [reprint] (Magico)
The Complete Dungeon Anthony Owen
Illustrated History of Magic Milbourne and Maureen Christopher
The Abracadabra Kid [mentioned in Dec., '96 column] Sid Fleischman
March [Gambler's Book Club intro]
Sharps and Flats John Nevil Maskelyne
The Phantom of the Card Table? Eddie McGuire
Setting Up Exercises Karl Fulves
Blocking Off Karl Fulves
Visualizing Information [reviewed by Stephen Hobbs] Edward Tufte
April Candle in the Dark Thomas Ady
Ken Krenzel's Ingenuities Stephen Minch
May Everything Is Funnier With Monkeys Doc Dixon
The Stack Attack L. R. Brooks
Growing in the Art of Magic Eugene Burger
Magic of the Renaissance Tom Crowl
The Magicians’ Yearbook 1997 (Edited by Anthony Owen)
William L. Lindhorst, 1890-1954 Roger Edgar Linden
June The Art of Deception Chuck Romano
Hocus Pocus Junior [reprint]
A Price Guide to Magic Books, 1639 - 1990 Michael Canick
Diamond Jubilee Memories Mark Raffles
Swami/Mantra Sam Dalal
July Effortless Card Magic Peter Duffie
Charles Bertram, the Court Conjurer E. A. Dawes
Dai Vernon's Symphony of the Rings [reprint] Lewis Ganson
Jean Hugard James B. Alfredson
August The Expert's Portfolio No. 1 Jack Carpenter
Simon Says Simon Lovell
The Card Magic of Nick Trost Nick Trost
John Carney Presents Al Baker's Lightning Pull John Carney
Cellini: The Royal Touch E. M. McFalls
September Digital Effects: The Magic of Joe Mogar Steve Beam
Annotated Eddie Joseph Jon Racherbaumer
The Six-Hour Memorized Deck Martin Joyal
The 101 Most Asked Questions About Las Vegas & Casino Gambling George Joseph
Levante: His Life, No Illusion Kent Blackmore
October Folding Money Fooling Robert Neale
Penn & Teller's How to Play in Traffic Penn Jillette & Teller
Ah-Ha! David Harkey
November [no column]  
December Arcade Dreams Ed Marlo & Jon Racherbaumer
Jennings '67 Richard Kaufman
Al Flosso, the Coney Island Fakir Gary Brown
The Art of Invisible Thread Jon LeClair
Breslaw's Last Legacy [reprint]
The Chronicles Karl Fulves
Hugard's Magic Monthly (Magico)
Card Under Glass David Harkey
January The Genius of Robert Harbin Eric Lewis
Trephine Richard Bartram, Jr.
Mainly Mental C. L. Boarde
The Magic Book Harry Lorayne
Magic Tricks, Card Shuffling and Dynamic Computer Memories S. Brent Morris
Nocturnal Creations Paul Gordon
Close-Up Classics Michael Vincent
...from a shuffled deck in use... Paul Cummins
Thayer Quality Magic

Milt Larsen's Magic Castle Tour

Selling Your Specialty Act to Hollywood

The Magical Writings of Edwin A. Dawes




Houdini Souvenir Program (Lee Jacobs)
It's Not Fun to Be Fooled (Bill Nagler, M.D.) Bill Nagler, M.D.
August Clever and Pleasant Inventions [reprint] J. Prevost
Solomon's Mind; the Card Mysteries of David Solomon Eugene Burger
Street Magic Edward Claflin and Jeff Sheridan
Vis a Vis Jack Avis and John Derris
The Art of Magic [reviewed by Stephen Hobbs] Joe Layden and Carl Waldman with Jamy Ian Swiss
Tales From the Road; Confessions of a Full Time Family Entertainer Tom Lilly
The Reparation John Lovick
Private Studies, Numbers 1 through 6 Ron Bauer
Wit and Wizardry, The Magic of Norm Houghton Ariel Freilich
Brain Food David Parr
Stand Up Coin Power Eivind Lowig
September The Magic Business Michael Bailey
The Cruise Magician's Handbook Fred Becker
Making Contact, Secrets of Contact Mind Reading Satori
The Magician's Yearbook 1998 Anthony Owen
Manacles of the World T. L. Gross
The Milbourne Christopher Library II Maurine Christopher & George Hansen
January Card College, Volume 3 Roberto Giobbi
Magic for Dummies David Pogue
Down Under Deals Andrew Wimhurst
Thanks to Zarrow Jerry Sadowitz
February The Complete Cups & Balls Michael Ammar
March The Myteries of My Life Richard Kaufman and Rene Lavand
The Now You See It, Now You Don't! Notebook Bill Tarr
Be a Street Magician! David Groves
April Art and Artifice Jim Steinmeyer
13 Prophets Karl Fulves
New Card Rises Karl Fulves
May Hugard's Magic Monthly XVII, XVIII, XIX (Magico)
Hugard's Magic Monthly XX and XXI (Magico)
The Legendary Heirophant Jon Racherbaumer
The Legendary Kabbala Jon Racherbaumer
June Close-Up & Personal David Regal
Psychological Subtleties Banachek
July Milo & Roger, a Magical Life Arthur Brandon
Secrets of the Palmettos Jeff Busby
August The Science Behind the Ghost Jim Steinmeyer
The Himber Wallet Book Harry Lorayne
September House of Cards: The Life & Magic of Paul Rosini Chuck Romano
October Drawing Room Deceptions Guy Hollingworth
Blackstone: A Magician's Life Daniel Waldron
November Theater of the Mind Barrie Richardson
21st Century Card Magic James Swain
Sports and Pastimes [reprint]
Malini and His Magic [reprint] [reviewed in Malini section] Dai Vernon & Lewis Ganson
December Of Legierdemaine and Diverse Juggling Knacks John Braun
Kort Stephen Minch
Mutus Nomen Karl Fulves
The Noir Test Karl Fulves
Combo Karl Fulves

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