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The Web is littered with magic-related sites. You don’t need me to find them. But here’s a few I consider note-worthy.

Genii Magazine
The Genii Forum

I’ve been a columnist for Genii since 1994, and I’m proud to be associated with this longtime staple of the magic community. I’ve been reading the magazine since I was a boy, and since Richard Kaufman took over the masthead he has done a superb job of continuing that great tradition. If you haven’t taken a look at Genii lately, you’re missing out on the most intelligent and content-driven magazine in all of magic – and also with great magic tricks you won’t find anywhere else.

Although I’m not much of a fan of online chat groups – I don’t listen to talk radio or watch talk television either – nevertheless I confess that thanks to some smart and restrained moderating, the Genii Forum continues as one of the smartest on the net. It’s free, so if you haven’t checked it out, you should.

Stephen Minch

Stephen is probably the greatest technical writer (that is, describer of other magician’s material) of our time, if not of all time. His Hermetic Press also is the publisher of consistently superb magic books, maintaining the highest standards of both content and design. He’s also a dear friend of many years, and I’m extremely pleased that Hermetic is publishing my first major book project, Shattering Illusions.

The Learned Pig Project: An on-line repository of magical documents

Electronic media is an important tool for rescuing magic’s literature from the past. The Learned Pig Project is one of the most important and interesting of these efforts.

Magical-Pastimes: The On-Line Journal of Magic History

George Santayana said, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” A magician without history is a magician without foundation or depth. Here’s a great site to keep up on the latest information about our important and collective past.

Meir Yedid

From the past to the present: this is magic’s number one site for breaking news. Bookmark it and check it often.

Monday Night Magic
Magical Nights Inc.

I am a co-producer of Monday Night Magic, New York’s longest-running Off-Broadway magic show, now in its 6th year. You can sign up for our weekly emails at the site – the show changes every week. Monday Night Magic is produced by Magical Nights, the pre-eminent source for high quality magical entertainment for sophisticated audiences. We provide magic and more for events from 10 to 10,000.

Christoph Wasshuber

Another publisher of electronic books, rescuing magic’s literature from the past. is also the publisher of my CD-ROM collection of Genii book reviews. See for ordering information.

The Unofficial Caesars Magical Empire site

Although I haven’t been back for years, I did two long engagements at Caesars, the first only a couple of months after they opened. And I can prove it: I’m listed on this unofficial fan site!


I’m sure I’m leaving somebody important off this list, but I’m a fan of every one of my magician friends on this list, and you should be too.

Lee Asher
Simon Aronson
David Ben
Eugene Burger
Lance Burton
Michael Close
Tim Conover
Chris Ivanovich
Mac King
Jon LeClair
Max Maven
Jeff McBride
Brian Morton
Danny Orleans
Penn & Teller
James Randi
Marco Tempest

I’m often asked to provide sources for new and used magic books. Here’s an incomplete list. (In alphabetical order – no favoritism is intended or implied.)


Denny & Lee Magic Studio
325 South Marlyn Ave.
Baltimore, MD 21221
W: 410 686 3914
FAX: 410 686 6953
ORDERS: 888 207 8374

Richard Hatch
Charlie Randall
H&R Magic Books
3839 Liles Lane
Humble, TX 77396-4088
Work: (281) 454-7219
Fax: (281) 540-4443


Bradbury Associates
3318 Karnes Blvd.
Kansas City, MO 64111

Michael Canick Booksellers
Work: 200 East 83rd Street
New York, NY 10028
(212) 585-2990
Fax: (212) 585-2986

Mario Carrandi
Work: (908) 874-0630
122 Monroe Ave.
Bell Mead, NJ 18502

John A. "Andy" Greget
5575 E. Sheena Dr.
Scottsdale, AZ 85254-2961
(602) 404-3100

Byron Walker
PO Box 3186
San Leandro, CA 94578
(510) 276-1854


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