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Why a "Super Session?"

“... I thoroughly enjoyed your workshop at Denny Haney's Magic Studio in Baltimore last week. I found your style to be exceedingly thorough, highly thought out and 100% sincere. My methods in magic are also to dissect and approach on many levels and you, as a teacher, do just that. This is the real work of a student and finding a teacher like you is a great complement to this approach.”

“Things just have never been the same since I had the privelege to attend your lecture and workshop more than a year ago. What I learned in those two sessions has ensured that element of 'continuous improvement' in all my magic from then on. To describe it as an invaluable experience doesn't really do it justice.

My purpose is to again thank you with deepest sincerity for the incredibly positive and productive effect your generous direction has given my approach to magic. 'Enrichment' seems too feeble a term, but by now you probably get the idea.

I would be entirely remiss if I neglected to write this fan letter and 'thank-you' note. Thanks for your pervasive love of the magical arts, which filters down and makes such an indelible impression on a guy like me!”

“I just wanted to say that it has been a year since I bought all of your pamphlets (I have almost finished studying them). They are truly one of the best investments that I have made in magic. When I read material on card magic, I now try my best to truly refine the routine to make a full presentation and raise the bar a little. Normally, I would just settle for the effect I read and run with it. I was the cover band equivalent to the magic world. Assuming ... if I play a Beatles song people will still love it. Well, you raised the bar. Thanks. I think your passion for the art of magic is incredible.”
Brian Schwenger

My critically acclaimed lecture focuses primarily upon the subjects of magic theory and performance. However, many magicians have asked me to share my insights and views on the more technical aspects of sleight-of-hand. In response to this demand, I have created the Super Session. Don't miss this unique opportunity - an intensive seminar with a contemporary expert, focusing on the real work of close-up sleight-of-hand technique.

Who's It For?

You needn't be an expert to attend; if you are interested in the correct way to perform any sleight - Double-Lift or Bobo Switch - Retention Vanish or Side-Steal - you will profit from this experience! The importance of technique lies not in the quantity or difficulty of the sleights you use, but rather in choosing the correct sleights, and then executing them perfectly! Here is your chance to see the moves in action - moves that often cannot be learned from books alone. Receive personalized instruction for a fraction of the cost of private lessons. Amateur or pro, beginner or advanced, all will benefit from the priceless advice and information in the Super Session!

How Many, How Long?

Super Sessions are limited to 20 persons, and a minimum of 10 persons is required. Sessions run approximately three hours.

What's Covered?

The session highlights the two most popular kinds of close-up sleight-of-hand, namely card and coin technique. I will share tips on the proper approach to mastering any sleight, and offer recommendations of those sleights I believe to be of the greatest importance. Specific moves are demonstrated, from the Double-Cut to the Classic Pass - from the Retention Vanish to the Han Ping Chien. I will take questions concerning any specific sleights of interest to the group, and if asked will also address techniques for the Cups & Balls, as well as magic with Invisible Thread. Throughout, I will demonstrate and clearly explain the correct methods for a wide variety of sleights, moves and techniques. I?ll also explain my Sleight Study System, an organized approach to the study of sleight-of-hand. With this system, you receive the benefit of my 40 years in magic, saving students much time and wasted effort by pointing out the best sleights to choose, where to find them in the literature, and how to develop a practical technical arsenal that avoids unnecessary duplication.

Throughout the session, you will receive invaluable guidance concerning magic books. The money you save in avoiding the bad ones, and purchasing the right ones, will alone justify the minimal registration fee.

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