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You haven't seen
"The Beast of the East" lecture yet?

"A remarkable performer and the epitome of skill..."

His sleight-of-mouth is equal to his superb sleight-of-hand...You are in for a treat!"

"A member of New York City's close-up elite."
STEPHEN MINCH in N.Y. Magic Symposium Collection IV.

"He certainly gave people their money's worth and his outline, his sense of humor, his skill and construction, and his excellent theory was much appreciated. It was a great lecture and I would have to rank it among the eight or ten best I have seen."
PHIL WILMARTH, (Parade Editor, Linking Ring)

"Here is a gentleman who is the most knowledgeable, clever and entertaining close-up guy I've seen in a long time. You will be impressed!"
KARRELL FOX in Linking Ring

"Jamy was a most successful lecturer...Have Jamy for one of your club lectures - you will be delighted."

"One of magic's most unique instructional performances....a powerful performance full of strong material and thought provoking theory. I'll use your routine for the Card in Matchbook, instead of my own!"

Well - what are you waiting for?

  • A full-time pro who has appeared at nightclubs, comedy clubs, colleges and universities, casino hotels, cruise ships, banquets, trade shows and corporate events; resident Magic Bartender at the notorious "Inn of Magic" near Washington, D.C.

  • Producer of Monday Night Magic in New York City.

  • Featured on the PBS documentary "The Art of Magic," and co-author of the companion book of the same title.

  • Twice featured on the cover of GENII magazine, and GENII book reviewer since 1994.

  • Published work in The New York Magic Symposium Collection IV, the Mendoza Portfolio, the Magical Arts Journal, Magic Manuscript, Apocalypse, Labyrinth, etc.

  • Edited and contributed the introduction to the critically acclaimed book, Theatrical Close-Up, by Peter Samelson.

  • Lectures and repeat appearances at the Magic Castle, Hollywood.

  • Lectures in 30 states, Canada, 11 European countries and 3 tours of Japan, including television appearances in England and Japan.

  • Created and starred in the theatrical séance, Things That Go Bump In The Night.

  • Creative consultant to Penn & Teller's How To Play With Your Food; comedy writer and chief magic consultant for Penn & Teller's Sin City Spectacular on the FX cable network.

The Jamy Ian Swiss Lecture has already received rave reviews in appearances throughout the United States, Canada, Europe and Japan. Yogi Magic Club dubbed him "The Beast of the East." In 1988, Karrel Fox wrote in Linking Ring: "...The most KNOWLEDGEABLE, CLEVER and ENTERTAINING close-up guy I've seen in a long time."

This exciting lecture is packed with practical material from a professional's working repertoire – filled with real-life information about performance of magic – all delivered in Jamy's powerful, potent, and unprecedented style! Including:

THE KISS OF THE BIG APPLE - According to Scotty York, long-time confidant of the great Fred Kaps, "This is the final word on the Kaps method for the Card in Matchbox."

WISHFUL THINKING - The ultimate Card in Matchbook routine, elements of which have been endorsed and even adopted by Michael Ammar as described in Encore
III and in his lecture notes.

THE ANIMATED RING - The easiest yet most powerful invisible thread effect yet! As featured in Jon LeClair's The Art of Invisible Thread.

And much more! Don't delay--book it now!

More rave reviews...

"The Beast of the East...Jamy dazzled the pop-eyed assembly with some of the most superb high tech card work ever displayed in these parts!...Jamy's unbridled enthusiasm for the art of magic was extraordinary in its intensity, and served as an undeniable inspiration to all..."
YOGI MAGIC CLUB, Baltimore, Md.

"Jamy proved himself to be a first rate performer and one of the top ten lecturers I've had the pleasure to learn from in the last twenty years. All of his material is top flight, and there's something for everyone regardless of experience. If a magic club neglects booking him for a lecture, they've missed the boat."
DEL COPLEY, Columbus, Ohio

"His sleights were beautiful...Great effects, lots of humor and sound advice marked this excellent lecture. Don't miss it when Jamy Ian Swiss passes your way."
RING 244, Long Island, N.Y.

"Jamy eloquently and energetically presented the best learning experience I have witnessed by a visiting lecturer...His missionary zeal and conviction will force even long time performers to reevaluate their performances and improve their presentations."
ASSEMBLY 47, Rochester, N.Y.

"...this engaging and talented performer stresses presentation. He featured coin magic and miracles with cards, making superb use of the classic force and manipulative effects.... Other effects superbly demonstrated were ...his brilliant "Ring and Pencil (Animated Ring)."

"...the dynamic lecture presented by Jamy Ian Swiss, a charismatic, highly talented young man...(his) talent is prodigious...Everything was meticulously explained...the lecture dealt with thread work in a way I have not seen so clearly presented before - and that includes both Finn Jon and Michael Ammar! ...a great performance and a super afternoon of pure magic." FERGUS ROY in ABRA

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