Close-Up In Concert

"Card tricks may sound passe, but when Swiss holds the deck, jaded attitudes about pick-a-card-any-card rigamarole must be tossed aside … dizzying routines that will make your jaw drop … Swiss' genius lies in his ability to trick you into thinking you can follow his train of thought. Actually, he's just guiding yours along."
— Citysearch (read the full review)

"You will be mesmerized by both the view of Manhattan and by the main attraction, world-class master of sleight-of-hand magic, Jamy Ian Swiss. He wants his viewers to see that he really does magic. But can they explain how Swiss correctly guesses the number and suit of a card that an audience member simply thinks of and never says it out loud? On top of his magical dexterity, this ability to read minds astounds!"
— On & Off magazine (read the full review)

"Stunning!" — New York Press

Magic: Close-Up in Concert is a solo concert of intimate magic presented in the lavish surroundings of a private Art Deco salon in the world famous Rainbow Room. Seamlessly blending wit and unmatched dexterity, Jamy Ian Swiss will enchant you — as seen in countless TV appearances including PBS Art of Magic, CBS 48 Hours, and The Today Show. Magic: Close-Up in Concert is an unforgettable evening of magic like you have never seen before!

Jamy Ian Swiss — "An astonishing close-up magician!" according to Vanity Fair, will entertain, astound, mystify, baffle, and utterly amaze an audience seated within inches of the action. The impossible and even the unimaginable will unfold with the simplest of objects: coins, cups, balls, and especially, an ordinary deck of 52 playing cards. No trick photography or TV editing — just an hour of stunning and sophisticated entertainment: magic, close-up!

< "A virtuoso peformance. I was exhalted and exhausted and filled with wonder. Jamy is skilled at a level we ordinarily associate with great musical artists. Wonderful!" — Arthur Penn

"The first time I saw Jamy Ian Swiss perform magic I knew I was in the spell of a master. Once you've seen him you'll marvel at his magic for the rest of your life!" — Robin Leach, seen here with Gilbert Gottfried on opening night.

"Jamy Ian Swiss is one of the great wonders of the world! Don't miss this show!" — Lou Reed

See the 4-minute video of this extraordinary show of mind-to-mind mystery — watch it now!


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See Jamy Ian Swiss in national TV appearances including on The Today Show and more…


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