Close-Up In Concert

Close-Up Magic is performed at intimate quarters, for just a few people at a time. Miracles happen right in your own hands — it's magic “in your face!”

Strolling Magic. This is magic that moves in and around and throughout your event, as Jamy mixes, meets and greets your guests, making new connections and encouraging interactions among your arriving attendees. Think of it as a magical seasoning to help flavor the evening and give it a truly magical start.

Magic on the Spot. Leaving the decision as to when and where to be entertained up to your guests, continuous close-up magic performed at one or more stationary locations during cocktail or buffet periods allows small crowds to build spontaneously and lends even greater and more lasting impact. And for an unforgettable hospitality suite, nothing helps the mix and mingle like this kind of magic.

Close-Up in Concert. For intimate groups in a more formal setting, the best choice is always concert-style close-up magic — as you might have seen it see it in Jamy's show at New York City's famed Rainbow Room, atop Rockefeller Center, or at the famed Magic Castle in Hollywood, where Jamy has appeared many times. For an audience that can be seated throughout the show, in view of a stage that is little more than a bridge table, this is a show with impact that will last a lifetime.

See the 4-minute video of this extraordinary show of mind-to-mind mystery — watch it now!


Need a dynamic sales meeting? A riveting banquet program? A rollicking awards night? Let Jamy work his magic on your special corporate event!


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